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Smart City Vision Today

Utilize latest IoT technology towards optimal use
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Intelligent IoT &
Smart City Orchestration Platform

Blend all the functions and features of a Smart City into a unified IoT orchestration platform, with an open architecture ensuring integration with multiple vertical domains, regardless of their connectivity technology. Intracom Telecom’s in house developed solution, uiTOP™, focuses on the enablement of applications in several vertical domains within the Smart City area as well as the Energy & Utilities Sector. Furthermore, the exposure of a unified API, significantly simplifies the integration with any vertical and/or cross-domain application, either in-house or 3rd party.

smart lighting icon
savings on power & maintenance

Smart Lighting

Modernize all municipal lighting with IoT controlled low-energy LED luminaries with extremely low operating and maintenance costs. Existing lighting is highly energy intensive and requires constant inspection for damage, retaining of big spare parts stock, staff and vehicles, most commonly with quite poor results. The low power consumption and long life of the LED lighting combined with the automatic fault diagnosis, ensures both the uninterrupted and top-quality operation and the resulting security, at the lowest possible operating cost.

energy & water icon
energy & water savings

Energy & Water

Reduce the environmental footprint of the Municipality by reducing energy, fuel & water consumption and saving the corresponding financial resources. Identify important consumptions and estimate savings potential and intervention costs.

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less traffic & pollution

Smart Parking

Reduce traffic congestion and make better use of both on-street and off-street parking spaces. Wireless parking sensors and information systems guide citizens, dramatically reducing traffic congestion in the city center, increasing commercial traffic and improving the daily experience of citizens and visitors. Next step is the generation of-revenue, with minimal policing costs due to automatic violations detection.

waste management icon
reduce management costs

Waste Management

Optimize waste management and recycling. Automatic and continuous recording of filling levels in all type of waste bins just by installing compact, intelligent IoT sensors. Prevent overfilling and ensure clean and hygiene public spaces. In addition, customized collection service management dramatically reduces associated costs, traffic load and local environmental charge.

environmental  monitoring icon
pollution reduction

Environmental Monitoring

Municipal environmental stations (measuring-pollutants, noise, micro-climate etc.) with open data access to citizens and automatic, real-time alerting. Continuous collection and storage of measurements with unlimited possibilities for further exploitation of historical data.

traffic monitoring icon
reduced traffic

Traffic Monitoring

Continuously measure and statistically process traffic in heavy loaded areas, with open data access to citizens and utilization of technologies that comply with personal data protection regulations. Exploit measurements by calculation journey times and redirect traffic through real-time displays.

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more engaged citizens

Public Wi-Fi

Extend and enhance the free Wi-Fi access zones. The strengthening of the existing network and its gradual geographical expansion improves both the daily lives of the citizens and the visitors’ satisfaction. Promotional opportunities can be leveraged, in conjunction with the city’s commercial world, through the open Wi-Fi network connection initiative. Further optimize Wi-Fi operations & generate new revenue streams, leveraging Intracom Telecom’s Virtualized WiFi Services Platform and its unique applications.

electronic guides icon
higher visitor satisfaction

Electronic Guides

Develop electronic guides for citizens and visitors depending on their location in the city. Installation of QR marks in attractions and shopping areas, in collaboration with city operators. All visitors, using just their smart devices (smartphones & tablets), will receive immediate information on each attraction and point of interest. In addition, there is the possibility of utilizing modern technologies of displaying targeted content on smart devices, in order to enhance advertising and competitiveness of commercial stores.