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Network Lifecycle Management is an innovative paradigm for Wireless Transmission and Access networks offered by uni|MS™. It redefines how activities are carried out throughout Planning, Rollout, Optimization and Maintenance phases of a network’s lifecycle, offering unprecedented efficiencies.

uni|MS™ provides a rich and modular set of interworking features that improves collaboration between Planners, Operators & Field Engineers and tackles complexity, from a single screen.

An exciting collection of capabilities in the form of Network Lifecycle Automation Applications (NLA Apps), leveraging Radio planning, Network Management and SDN control, introduces operational agility, and transforms the way that networks are being built and maintained. Eventually enhancing the value that networks produce while they remain operational.

diagram of network lifecycle management

Planning: Saving time and increasing reliability

Facilitate the smart algorithms for speed and accuracy in RF planning analyses. Model your network and prepare baseline configurations before physical installation so that NOC and associated operational procedures are ready from Day 0.

Rollout: Automating the service activation

Streamlined and error-free (Zero-Touch) service provisioning based on wizards across any topology, for existing or SDN-based architectures and a fully automated rollout for Fixed Wireless Access networks, accelerate massive-scale deployments.

Optimization: Enhancing and extending the operational envelope

Exploit the power of closed-loop comparison between planned and actual radio performance and correlate with sophisticated faults reporting for precise interventions.

Maintenance: Minimising shortage of operational quality

Upgrade software levels across the entire network or segments of it, based on rules with administrative, geographical and device type criteria keeping your network up-to-date.

Unique Automation

  • Interworking of Radio Planning, Network Management & SDN Control
  • Automation via NLA Apps for activities throughout all Network Lifecycle phases
  • Accelerated rollout with reduced and error-free installation works
  • Ad-hoc reconfigurations based on correlated alarm conditions
  • Sophisticated maintenance with rule-based software updates to maintain inventory integrity

Illustrative Visualization Boosting User Experience

  • All functions are carried out through a single, powerful and intuitive Web User Interface
  • Online / offline maps with fault status and Key Performance Indicators on topology
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards over network KPIs

Easy Integration with Other Monitoring Systems

  • A single interface / integration point between the network and the OSS with common alarm, performance and inventory model for all network elements

Market-Leading Wireless Networks Management

  • Scalable to monitor more than 400,000 radio nodes for FWA
  • Expandable to manage all Intracom Telecom and third-party devices
  • Unified to monitor all equipment from a single pane of glass
  • Reliable with high-availability cluster architecture and geo-redundancy