Ultra-Fast Wireless Broadband!

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Intracom Telecom being committed to the goal of fulfilling any requirement for broadband FWA of the highest quality in sub-urban and rural residential areas, further expanded its MW portfolio with a new generation of Point-to-MultiPoint hub, which offers the highest capacity, convenience, performance and power-saving features in the market from a compact base station, while blending discreetly with the surrounding environment. This development reaffirms company's innovation and leadership in the PtMP systems while enabling the customers to offer their subscribers' superior quality and ultra-broadband services today.

With a variety of sectoral antennas from 90 to 360 deg. coverage, WiBAS™ G5 evo-BS offers great deployment flexibility with large area footprint. Due to its small size the WiBAS™ G5 evo-BS is not demanding heavy telecom infrastructures for the deployment.

It combines sophisticated QoS capabilities with the robust and highly-efficient operation, whilst it is fully compatible with the new versatile WiBAS™ G5 Connect+ terminal stations. It is worth mentioning that the WiBAS G5 evo-BS radio is built based on the most advanced technology available in the market.

image of WiBAS G5 evoBS with antenna front view
image of WiBAS G5 evoBS with antenna rear view


  • High capacity to satisfy the demand for ultra-fast broadband access.
  • Support of various service profiles with advanced QoS scheduling.
  • Large service area footprint - high terminal density per sector and very long ranges.
  • Easy deployment with minimum infrastructure requirements due to its compact design.
  • Optimized network deployment with PtMP planning and capacity analysis tools.
  • Effortless rollout employing ZTP automated procedures.
  • 800 Mbps aggregate sector capacity (100MHz)
  • Variable TDD split - various options depending on traffic usage.
  • Robust Hitless adaptive modulation up to 1024-QAM without data retransmission, which consumes valuable resources and increases latency.
  • Native Ethernet packet technology.
  • Operation at the area-licensed frequency (24.25-29.50 GHz).
  • Exceptional system performance, full hierarchical QoS support and carrier-grade protection mechanisms.
  • Uni|MS Radio Planning Add-On - Closed Loop Integrated Platform.
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA), statistical multiplexing and error correction mechanisms for carrier-grade high-speed wireless connections.
  • Flexible mode of operation (Air Frame fully compatible with 5G deployments)
  • Zero footprint, environmentally friendly design.

Residential Access

Residential broadband access is continuously becoming more demanding and requires more advanced offerings, with high capacity and high-quality services that support video streaming or VoIP telephony.

Residential broadband access concerns also a market that is price sensitive both on the terminal station and the base station sector segment of the network. High performance is the priority in this market. Wireless ISPs (WISPs) that plan to deploy wireless broadband networks for their customers in attractive monthly packages need to select equipment vendors that will provide affordable solutions and generate profitable investments.

The combined use of the WiBAS™ G5 evo-BS sectors along with WiBAS™ G5 Connect+ Terminal Stations perfectly fits all the above market requirements.

WiBAS™ G5 evo-BS operate in the 28GHz licensed band guaranteeing QoS and, along with its very small size, appealing design and very low power consumption offers extremely-reliable broadband access connectivity to residential customers and SMEs in urban and also in the underserved rural areas.

WiBAS™ G5 evo-BS allows up to 60 CPE devices to be registered in the same sector sharing 650 Mbps aggregate sector capacity when using 100 MHz channel. It can also support 1024-QAM modulation in a hitless adaptive mode to guarantee uninterrupted service to the customer.

WiBAS™ G5 evo-BS delivers state-of-the-art IP connectivity with zero-footprint installations at service locations requiring cost-effective and rapidly-implemented broadband access networks. The small size of this base station sector together with the wide variety of sectoral antennas offer great flexibility to deploy sectors in non-telecom site as well as typical macro telecom sites. These features make WiBAS™ G5 evo-BS an obvious choice to support advanced quality of service and highest capacity for wireless residential broadband services.