ServiceWeaver™ Services Platform & Application

Facilitating New Services Realization!

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Today, operators need technologies that allow them to easily cope with the network changes and to rapidly deploy new profitable services. ServiceWeaver™, a Value-Added Service (VAS) creation and integration platform, enables operators and CSP's to rapidly deploy new services and address OSS / BSS integration needs. It assists operators to cope with the rapid changes in the mobile and fixed telecommun­ications market, preserving their existing hardware and software investments, facilitating integration of new and legacy systems, and enabling the creation of VAS services in very short time-to-market deadlines.

ServiceWeaver™ leverages the best of today's distributed and state-of-the-art technologies, thus reducing the integration and new development project investments. A ServiceWeaver™ VAS application incorporates business logic and provides the pattern and execution sequence for servicing an incoming request from any client, within a diverse environment.

Short VAS deployment time allows operators beat the competition and be the first to launch new innovative and exciting applications.

  • The existing service logic is easily customized to keep track of the fast-changing marketing requirements.
  • Single platform can run numerous services for reduced OpEx and administration complexity.
  • System scalability and license flexibility.
  • Highly-sophisticated architecture:
    • High-throughput performance
    • Low-latency responses
    • Best-of-breed open source technologies
    • No single point of failure
    • (Active - Active configuration)
    • Adaptable request load
    • QoS
    • Java SDK
    • Intelligent Request Routing technology for managing traffic and protocols from and to all external systems
    • Web-based rules SDK for adding intelligence and adaptability to changes to all deployed VAS services
  • Centralized management and monitoring system.
  • Joint development (Operator - Intracom Telecom).
  • Hot deployment feature allows new services to run live without downtime.

The ServiceWeaver™ platform enables telecom operators and ISPs to rapidly develop profitable SOA-based solutions and VAS applications. Typical applications and solutions, which have been implemented with the ServiceWeaver™ platform, include:

  • ActionRuler™: Policy Management System.
  • SWAP (ServiceWeaver™ Advance Provisioning): Self Care & Provisioning Services.
  • HUBS: User Location & Bandwidth Reporting System.
  • NTS: Network Testing System.
  • Availability Tool: Product Eligibility & Service Availability Tool.
  • Report Tool: For collecting data (CDRs, EDRs, logs, etc.) from any source and designing reports.
  • iRBT™: Application for color Ring-Back Tone (RBT) offering a full set of features out-of-the-box.
  • SmartRing™: Ad-sponsored Ring-Back Tone (RBT).
  • Bulk SMS/MMS: Enterprise solution for massively sending short messages to customers.
  • BillPrint™: Prepaid Bill presentation.
  • Mobile Portal: Application for designing and deploying mobile portals.
  • USSD Portal: Application for designing and deploying USSD portals with browsing menus.