Outsourcing Services

Today's globalized market, forces organizations to constantly improve their competitive edge. In the fast-moving technological world, developing a full spectrum of systems software in-house, while meeting demanding time, quality and cost objectives, is a big challenge.

Telecommunication vendors outsource part of their developing activities, while keeping their running business intact. Software outsourcing, especially within the telecom industry, is experiencing significant growth worldwide, a trend that will continue in the future.

Intracom Telecom effectively contributes with excellence to customers' product development roadmaps. With fourty years of experience and a proven international track record with leading vendors, Intracom Telecom offers a complete portfolio of software engineering and support services for any telecommunication system that will satisfy the most demanding customer.

Highly competent teams from Business/Requirements Analysis & Consulting, Development, Automation Test and Continuous Deliveries to Customer Support Services. Specialized in new technologies for Virtualization and Cloud Orchestration environments.

Software Development - Support Services Portfolio

Operations spread over three major cities in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras), while collaboration with local academic and scientific institutions provides pools of resources and competence, as well as opportunities to recruit esteemed talents.

Innovation that Creates Excellence

Innovation is Intracom Telecom’s core business enabler, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and building long-term partnerships through trust and recognition. Intracom Telecom’s flat organizational structure serves the agile operations, providing the appropriate collaborative environment, which promotes innovation and operational excellence.

With proven records of achievements, Intracom Telecom is highly responsive to the technological challenges in telecommunications, offering innovative ideas on system architectures, protocols, software modularization, cluster technologies, cluster data management algorithms, prototypes and verification techniques.

Our People: Our Most Valuable Asset

Intracom Telecom's full-time, in-house engineering experts and development teams (see chart below), having solid knowledge in mobile and fixed networks, real-time and state-oriented systems, as well as multi-year experience in complex and technologically diverse international projects, are committed to technological challenge, demonstrating the skills and performance required to exceed customer expectations.

Development teams percentages

Lean & Agile Operations

Following the latest methodologies for managing complex work assignments, Intracom Telecom’s Software Development Center piloted and introduced the "Agile" framework in early 2010. Scrum methodology is applied for feature developments, while kanban is used for pull work items. Being Agile and Lean, Intracom Telecom delivers significant value to customers in terms of time and cost savings. Abreast with the latest technological developments, Intracom Telecom shares its best practices with customers to generate innovative ideas that yield optimized solutions.

Development teams Values

What Differentiates Us

  • Recognized for Excellence – among Ericsson's top preferred suppliers.
  • Trustworthy Partner – confidentiality agreement keeps partnership secured.
  • Top-notch Technical Competencies – over three decades of accumulated experience.
  • Easy Step-in to customer operations with proactive and accurate planning.
  • From Early 2G to 5G active participation in the entire mobile telecommunication evolution.
  • Pioneers in Agile Development Methodologies – cross-functional teams collaborating in large-scale and worldwide-distributed feature developments.
  • Exemplary Technical Support throughout the lifecycle of the developed solutions – 24/7 customer support and fast problem solving.
  • Innovative Culture – international recognition for offering great ideas to customers.