Spearheading monetization in the 5G era!

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CSPs experience a major revamp due to the opportunities 5G technology brings. Moving beyond traditional business models, they need to rethink of their entire charging and billing process and adopt new and innovative architectures, with open APIs, in order to efficiently monetize new services.

A contemporary monetization solution must be convergent at all levels. It must be able to deliver quickly, bundles of both traditional and innovative digital services, support current and emerging charging models and offer outstanding customer experience.

NGINius-Charging™ is a comprehensive, convergent monetization suite which continuously evolves supporting new charging parameters (e.g. speed, latency, reliability, throughput, volume, QoS, mobility in the 5G era), supporting at the same time traditional telecom models, through a wide range of pricing options (prepaid, postpaid, hybrid) and supply models (B2B, B2C, B2B2?). It uses cutting-edge architectural and delivery principles in order to satisfy CSPs' requirement for an agile and cost-effective monetization solution with streamlined operations.

NGINius-Charging™ meets the convergent Telco network demands supporting:

  • Voice, data, multimedia and messaging services.
  • 5G and new generation services, including massive and critical IoT connectivity as well as network slicing.
  • Contextualized services and SLA-bound industry specific offerings.
  • Mediation and generation of xDRs in 4G and 5G networks.
  • Fixed and fiber network services.
NGINius Charging Diagram

Clear Value Proposition

NGINius-Charging™ is a reliable and future-proof monetization suite that,

  • Can support, at the same time, traditional (e.g. Voice, Messaging, Content) and emerging (e.g. 5G, Critical IoT) services.
  • Offers intrinsic flexibility for fast-time-to-market.
  • Allows for targeted offerings to specific industries and market segments for maximizing profitability and service uptake.
  • Enables a common and rich service portfolio for all subscribers, supporting prepaid, postpaid and hybrid subscriber payment models.
  • Provides real-time credit control through a powerful convergent rating engine which supports both real-time and post-processing rating.
  • Supports personalized services creation and next generation features, allowing telco operators to differentiate from competition.
  • Fulfills today's market requirements for on-line charging and increased customer experience.
  • Fosters brand growth and loyalty via multiple customer engagement tools and omni-channel access.
  • Offers field-proven, fast and easy integration into a multi-vendor network and OSS / BSS infrastructure.

NGINius-Charging™ constitutes an innovative approach to the traditional charging mechanisms for conventional and innovative services.

It uses an account-centric model which allows telecom operators to deploy divergent services, and at the same time, provide a unified management model for the corresponding user profiles.

Modules Diagram

With NGINius-Charging™, operators benefit from:

  • A solution that is field-proven, future-proof and cost-effective.
  • A system capable for seamless integration within a multi-vendor network and IT infrastructure.
  • The advantage of short time-to-market with easy deployment of new features and customizations.
  • The convenience of intuitive and user-friendly GUIs.

Delivery Excellence

Intracom Telecom guarantees excellence of delivery through:

  • High level of performance & fast implementation.
  • Solid background in developing real-time charging applications.
  • In-house lab facilities accommodating best-of-breed technology equipment.
  • Long experience in the deployment and support of complex, large-scale, turnkey projects in wireline & wireless.
  • Domain experts ensuring solution deployment, on-time and on-budget.
  • Deployment of applications and solutions, taking into account key service delivery factors, such as:
    • Uninterrupted systems operation
    • Business continuity
    • Minimum downtime
  • Vast expertise in system integration, migration and project management.
  • Extensive use of project management certified processes and tools providing industry-proven best practices.
  • Dedicated support teams, offering round-the-clock Operational/Technical Support & Services.

Functions & Characteristics

NGINius-Charging™ core functions and characteristics are summarized below:

Functions Characteristics
Account & Balance Management
  • Main balance & sub-balances for different service usage
  • Multiple wallets per account allowing for time, credit, voice, volume, event, messaging charging
  • Recharges through Self Care and automated recharges
  • Spending limit reporting for communication of policy controls and flags
  • Account & balance-related notifications
Charging Function & Rating Engine
  • Advanced charging rules and logic, based on multiple traditional and innovative metrics (time, volume, application, bandwidth etc.)
  • Multi-dimensional pricing options
  • Real-time rating for all customer and services
  • Real-time bonuses and discounts
  • Advice of charge
  • Support for new generation services e.g. 5G and IoT
  • Integrated policy control
NGINius API & Charging Gateway
  • 3GPP standards & interfaces
  • Call/Session management and control
  • Open API
  • Load balancing, high-availability and failover
  • Number normalization
  • Screened numbers, free numbers, emergency numbers support
  • Performance metrics & monitoring