AI in Practice

AI is already here, ready to solve all your problems, from Churn Prediction, Sentiment Analysis, Customer 360o view, Network Optimization and Energy Efficiency and beyond.

Intracom Telecom has developed Cognitiva, a comprehensive service proposition that adds value at every step of an AI project lifecycle and provides solid end-results.

Cognitiva Artificial Intelligence Applicaton Suite
Notable Contributions & Distinctions

Intracom Telecom's team has partnered with internationally acclaimed corporations and institutions to jointly develop best practices, tools and industry standards to lead the introduction and adoption of AI and Big Data Analytics.

Intel AI Builders Award
TM Forum Excelence Awards 2021 Finalist image
TM Forum Excelence Awards 2021 Finalist image
TM Forum Excelence Awards 2021 Finalist image
How we work

We support you on the whole lifecycle of an AI-based solution from first idea to successful operation.

Our intervention involves a mix of consulting, professional services and custom-made solutions building, tailored to the individual challenges that each of our customers face.

Problem framing image
1. Problem Framing (2-3 weeks)

We work closely with the client to understand the needs of the particular assignment and transform the challenges into well-specified data science problems.

Proof of Concept image
2. Proof of Concept (4-10 weeks)

Our Data Scientists analyze data, select features and build models to create and validate a prototype of the solution.

Solution Implementation image
3. Solution Implementation (10-15 weeks)

We develop the full-scale version of the solution, including integration with necessary data sources, parameterization of the AI algorithms and creation of the data visualization interface.

Deployment and Rollout image
4. Deployment and Rollout (5-10 weeks)

Our engineers will undertake all necessary steps to ensure that the final solution successfully migrates to the production state and that it operates as expected.

AI challenges at each stage of lifecycle
AI lifecycle diagram

Addressing the AI Challenges, our extensive experience and know-how enables us to handle the specific challenges at each stage of an AI solution development.

  1. Frame the Problem: we understand client pain-points and jointly define the criteria for success
  2. Develop: we identify the appropriate data and algorithms to train our models.
  3. Optimize: we apply expert tactics to achieve performance, small footprint and low power.
  4. Deploy: we specify the right hardware to deploy chosen models and fine-tune them to minimize inference time/cost.
  5. Monitor: we proactively monitor and re-train/optimize models to always ensure accuracy and speed.
Expert Professional Services Team

Our team comprises experts highly specialized in the entire range of collecting, storing, processing, analyzing and interpreting huge quantities of enterprise data.

Image of our team experts
Technology Ecosystem

We have partnered with several state-of-the art big data analytics platforms & tools and integrate them in our projects, as necessary.

Our tehcnology ecosystem


Predictive maintenance image
Predictive Maintenance

Choosing the optimum time window to conduct network upgrades and maintenance

Customer's Journey Optimization image
Customer's Journey Optimization

Optimizing each customer's journey minimizing risks

Sentiment Analysis image
Sentiment Analysis

Sensing customers' satisfaction and taking corrective measures

Churn Prediction image
Churn Prediction

Assessing churn probability for individuals and taking preventive actions

Error-free Rollout image
Error-free Rollout

Resolving Cross-domain configuration issues minimizing adverse impact

Traffic Forecasting image
Traffic Forecasting

Guaranteeing specific Service Level Agreements for 5G network slices

Anomaly Detection for IoT Network Defense image
Anomaly Detection for IoT Network Defense

Protecting IoT devices from malicious threats and attacks

Network Correlation & Clustering image
Network Correlation & Clustering

Revealing the root cause of network issues by correlating network and application performance KPIs

Utilities & Smart Cities

Environmental Quality Monitoring image
Environmental Quality Monitoring

Monitoring real-time air pollution and applying emission control measures

Noise Monitoring image
Noise Monitoring

Modelling, interpreting and analyzing noise sources to alleviate noise pollution

Utilities Forecasting image
Utilities Forecasting

Predicting energy & water consumption levels to benefit providers and consumers

Customer Profiling image
Customer Profiling

Classifying and managing consumers based on their corresponding usage patterns

Financial Services

Customer Intelligence Incubator image
Customer Intelligence Incubator

Aggregating & analyzing all customer-related data at a single reference point

Branch Intelligence Incubator  image
Branch Intelligence Incubator

Implementing AI-powered Use Cases for Intelligent Branches Operations

Cognitive PFM image
Cognitive PFM

Realizing an AI- powered personal finance assistant

Transaction Traffic Prediction image
Transaction Traffic Prediction

Forecasting transaction volume and value to support operational decisions