A virtual data center is a pool of Cloud-hosted infrastructure resources that includes compute, memory and storage. Virtual Data Center as a Service (vDCaaS) makes these resources available in a simplified way and provides software defined datacenter services as complete datacenters that are ready for consumption in a matter of minutes. It applies the principles of pooling, abstraction and automation to enable the provision of complete and operational ready infrastructure without worrying about the physical configuration of the hardware.


  • Support of a wide range of changing business objectives
  • Greater flexibility in new solutions design
  • Acceleration of time to market
  • Improved cost efficiency, quality of service and business agility
  • Maintain security and control with policy-based user controls
  • Reduce costs by efficiently delivering resources as virtual datacenters to increase consolidation and simplify management
  • Committed and Dedicated service flavors, to provide guaranteed or fully dedicated resources
  • Creation and management of virtual datacenters that can address the full spectrum of enterprise workload requirements
  • Infrastructure service catalog that increases business agility by empowering users to deploy preconfigured or custom-built services
  • Self service portal that allows users to get direct access to their catalogs and virtual datacenters
  • Delegated administration that allows administrators to group users into organizations that can represent any policy group, such as a business unit, division, or subsidiary company
  • Resource efficiency and flexible capacity to accommodate changing user demands
  • Delivery of consistent service levels

Virtual Data Center as a Service is an evolutionary solution for midsize and large organizations that follows a cost effective strategy and need to respond quickly to business demands and market opportunities, while wish to have full control over their environment.