Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Backup as a Service is a Cloud-based service that provides users the ability to backup their data in Intracom Telecom's public Cloud infrastructure. The service is based on a sophisticated, secure, multi-tenant and agentless solution, designed specifically for Cloud environments. One of the main components of the solution is an appliance which is installed at customer premises. The appliance collects, compresses, encrypts, and transfers the data to the Cloud infrastructure of Intracom Telecom and in addition handles data restore operations.


  • Reduced complexity
  • Breadth of functionality support
  • Automated backup process that achieves peace of mind and cost effectiveness
  • Protection of enterprise data and business risk elimination
  • Internationally accepted & certified methods protecting backed up data from unauthorized access
  • Agentless backup that does not affect systems in scope
  • "Incremental forever" data backup solution
  • Encryption of the end-user's data (AES-256) at flight and at rest
  • Customer managed encryption keys
  • Optimization for WAN environments
  • Self-managed backup/restores
    • Customizable policies (monthly/weekly/daily)
    • Automatic, scheduled backups
    • Retention policy definition
  • Multiple OS & hypervisor support (eg. Windows, Linux, UNIX, VMware)
  • Application/database support (eg. MS SQL server, MS Exchange, Oracle)
  • Ability to be integrated with other Cloud Services (VCS, VDCaaS, DaaS)

The evolution of broadband access technologies has established Backup as a Service a well suited solution for almost all sizes of businesses and verticals.