Turn Key Solutions


Intracom Telecom in cooperation with Ether, its subsidiary for the energy projects, is actively involved in the photovoltaic industry. Since 2010, Ether has successfully delivered over 100 photovoltaic parks all over Greece. The range of delivered projects starts from small yet demanding roof tops, to large MW photovoltaic parks. The company's policy is to create long term relationships with trustworthy and reliable product manufacturers.

Turn-key projects

Intracom Telecom is specialized in delivering end-to-end solutions and complete services including:

  • The necessary studies required to determine the optimum solution. Best utilization of the given space for optimum production in case of connected to the grid systems. Optimum evaluation of the energy consumption and its fluctuation in case of net metering projects
  • The full pack of studies and designs necessary for each case (electrical designs, layouts, monogramic diagrams, but also specialized studies according to individual project needs (ie geotechnic studies, lightning protection studies etc)
  • The full service for the necessary permission from all authorities
  • The procurement of all products required for the project. From panels, inverters, mounting structure, to all switch boards, cables etc.
  • The construction services with highly educated and trained personnel, the project management and the implementation support.
  • The connection to the grid process. The project is being finalized only after it is connected successfully to the grid

Smart meters - Netmetering

The group is the exclusive provider and distributor of ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA meters for the Greek market. Intracom Telecom can provide its customers with the full range of meter products and accessories that fully cover the net metering needs for projects up to 500KW.

This is the reason that Ether currently holds approximately 95% of the net metering market in Greece. Moreover, the company provides its customers with the corresponding single and three phase meter boxes, required for the installation of the meters.

PhotoVoltaic - Netmetering

Net metering allows the energy consumer to self-produce the biggest part of his energy consumption needs. Net metering program in Greece allows the installation of a Photovoltaic Park that covers 50% of the agreed consumption power (KVA), or minimum 20Kwp. The upper limit is an installation of 500Kwp

The estimated bay back period is around 5-6 years and the IRR of the investment is in the area of 20%

Intracom Telecom group has a long experience of delivering high quality turn-key PV projects:

  • Great in-house know-how on PV projects
  • Absolute understanding of the whole Net Metering process
  • Cooperation with important global equipment manufacturers (smart meters, solar panels, inverters, mounting structure etc)

Since 2010, we have delivered to more than 100 happy customers :

  • Over 80 turn key PV projects, of total power that exceeds 10MW
  • Over 15MW of Photovoltaic Equipment (Solar panels, inverters)

Monitoring and maintenance services

After a successful delivery of a project, the most important phase begins. Unless the photovoltaic park is monitored and well maintained, it will not produce as expected. Therefore we have created a highly educated team that can satisfy all different customer needs in this area. This team is consisted of personnel that monitors the installation remotely as well as personnel that can intervene ad hoc in case of a problem.