Security (Operation Technology)

Defence-in-Depth Approach

The Defence in Depth approach protects Utility's Information and/or Operational technology (IT or OT) infrastructure with a series of defensive mechanisms such that if one mechanism fails, another will already be in place to thwart an attack.

End-to-end security

End-to-end security is achieved with secure communication. Especially for Smart Metering implementations the DLMS/COSEM standard brings enhanced security features by providing a controlled access to the data stored in the meter using different levels of authentication. This protocol applies encryption AES-128 to the traffic between smart meters and the data concentrator. If it is feasible, TLS tunnels are also established, in order to increase the overall security..

Identity Management and Access Control

An Identity Management solution includes authentication and access control components. Authentication makes sure that access to control center, transmission, and distribution networks is granted only to authenticated users, groups, and services. Access control provides granular local and remote access to users and applications into diverse control center, data center, and substation networks.

Adherence to International Standards (NIST recommendations, PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001)

Compliance to the applied frameworks and regulations is usually mandatory especially when privacy and financial issues are involved. We are offering secure systems by design. Company's experienced personnel can evaluate remaining risk and can suggest the best solution to address any vulnerability.

Infrastructure independent in Unified OT and IT environments

In a Utility's Operational environment often OT and IT equipment is interconnected to support the daily activities. This interconnection imposes new risks to the system. Offered OT security solutions provide documented integration with a significant number of IT security devices from prestigious vendors. The deployed devices are able to operate in any environment and recognize most of the specific OT protocols including ModBus, Profinet, IEC 104, etc.

Guaranteed and Smooth integration with the infrastructure

Our solutions are able to be installed and configured without system's interruption. Moreover, they could be deployed in a passive approach to protect the system from interruptions caused from false positive alarms.

Utility Operation Technology (OT) Security Solutions diagram
Utility Operation Technology (OT) Security Solutions diagram