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Intracom Telecom & Computer Solutions Drive Digital Transformation of Public Hospitals

Athens- Greece, 03 July, 2024 -Intracom Telecom, a global technology systems and solutions provider, announced the implementation of the third phase of a project to install RIS PACS systems and digitize medical examinations in Greece's public hospitals and Primary Health Care (PHC) structures, in partnership with Computer Solutions. The contract covers 37 public hospitals across Greece, aiming to modernize operations and reduce costs through advanced technology. The project is expected to be completed by August 2025.

Intracom Telecom and Computer Solutions will install and operate a national digital management system for imaging examinations (PACS), including related equipment for hospital infrastructure. This phase focuses on hospitals in the 2nd and 5th Health Regions, where Agfa Healthcare's Modern Enterprise Imaging Solution will be implemented, enabling efficient record management and result confirmation.


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Intracom Telecom is a global technology systems and solutions provider operating for over 45 years in the market. The company is the benchmark in fixed wireless access, and it successfully innovates in the 5G/4G wireless RAN transport and small-cell SON backhaul international arena. Intracom Telecom offers a comprehensive revenue generating software solutions portfolio and a complete range of ICT services, focusing on IoT, SDN/NFV, Big Data analytics & data-driven intelligence, and Smart City solutions. Furthermore, the company is developing security integrated systems for critical infrastructure protection and border surveillance, having extensive knowhow and a proven track record in this industry. Moreover, it addresses the Energy & Utilities industry, emphasizing on smart metering and end-to-end IT solutions. Intracom Telecom serves telecom operators, public authorities and large public and private enterprises. The Group maintains its own R&D and production facilities and operates subsidiaries worldwide.