Telecom Systems

Intracom Telecom activities in this domain address the need for increased data rates, higher QoS and better usage of resources in the design of next-generation telecom systems. Combining its expertise on wireless systems with the know-how acquired from its participation in advanced cooperative Research &Innovation projects, the company's R&D labs are striving to drastically enhance the capacity of next generation systems, working on higher bandwidth basebands, more efficient MAC layers, better QoS and flexible management systems, while in parallel shrinking equipment size and cost.

The company is focusing its research in telecom systems on the following directions:

  • Wireless Backhaul & Access
  • Software-Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Device Management


PANDA (Asymmetric Passive Optical Network for xDSL and FTTH Access)

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This project aimed to close the gap between the asymmetric access provision of xDSL technologies, widely deployed in Greece at the moment, and the symmetric FTTH access networks of the future. The project developed a passive-optical-network based architecture to implement the fiber-to-the-curb network, and an optical/xDSL module to interface the optical with the end-user access network. The network architecture is asymmetric, and therefore xDSL compatible, utilizing multiple 10 Gbps wavelengths to transport the downstream traffic and a single 10 Gbps wavelength to transport upstream traffic. Actual in-the-field tests demonstrated reliable delivery of triple-play services to end users in an unprecedented XG-PON-based FTTC/B architecture within Greece. Intracom Telecom developed the VDSL2 DSLAM and 10Gbps Ethernet traffic aggregation subsystems.

ROCKET - Reconfigurable OFDMA-based Cooperative NetworKs Enabled by Agile SpecTrum Use

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The project aimed at providing a ubiquitous wireless solution to reach bit rates higher than 100Mbps with peak throughputs higher than 1Gbps, based on Reconfigurable OFDMA Cooperative Networks enabled by agile spectrum use. It focused at devising methods for improved spectrum usage, advanced multi-user cooperative transmission and ultra-efficient MAC design.

SARDANA: Scalable Advanced Ring-based passive Dense Access Network Architecture

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SARDANA aimed at developing a 10G/10G optical access network based on WDM-PON. Scalability and robustness were major design goals. SARDANA won the 2011 Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award. Intracom Telecom was responsible for the enhancement, configuration, deployment and demonstration of an IPTV platform (fs|cdn) and related services over the optical access network prototype.