ICT for Health

Intracom Telecom activities in this domain address the health management continuum from lifestyle to disease management, including disease prevention and management of co-morbidities. The company focuses particularly on ICT solutions that foster remote diseases' management, treatment and rehabilitation, personalized management of health status, and support independent living and active ageing.


ENORASI: Intelligent Audio-visual System Enhancing Cultural Experience and Accessibility


The aim of ENORASI project is the development of a novel wearable system offering accessibility and guidance to open environments of high cultural and tourist value, while it provides a unique user experience, including users with limited sight or total blindness. The system will enable the userís localization in an area of interest, recognition of his/her environment, objects of cultural / tourist interest, obstacles or dangerous situations around. It provides directions not only for navigation but also for personalized guided touring. The proposed system integrates computer vision and voice-based interaction within a cloud information processing and sharing environment.



EMPOWER: Support of patient empowerment by an intelligent self-management pathway for patients


EMPOWER developed a modular and standard-based Patient Empowerment Framework which facilitates the self-management of diabetes patients based on PHRs and on context-aware, personalized services. This framework was piloted in two settings, in Turkey and in Germany. Intracom Telecom was responsible for delivering mobile and web based Personal Health Applications dedicated to the collection and management of Observations of Daily Living of diabetic patients.


STROKEBACK: Telemedicine System Empowering Stroke Patients to Fight Back

StrokeBack project developed an automated remote rehabilitation system by blending advances of ICT and practical clinical knowledge that empower the patients and their immediate carer for effective application of rehabilitation protocols in home settings. Intracom Telecom was responsible for the implementation of a web based Care Management Platform that is used by the clinicians to set up and manage the rehabilitation plans of their patients.


ARMOR: Advanced multi-paRametric Monitoring and analysis for diagnosis and Optimal management of epilepsy and Related brain disorders

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In the context of ARMOR project a mutliparametric monitoring, analysis, and management solution for patients with epilepsy was integrated and validated. ARMOR provided a flexible monitoring capability optimized for each patient. The integrated platform was tested in several case studies and evaluated as a wide-use ambulatory monitoring tool for seizures efficient diagnosis and management including possibilities for detecting premonitory signs and feedback to the patient. Intracom Telecom contributed its in-house developed Electronic Health Record System as a platform to store raw and processed data collected by the measuring units as well as offline analysis results and associated epilepsy models.

CD MEDICS: Coeliac Disease Management, Monitoring and Diagnosis using Biosensors and an Integrated Chip System

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The objective of CD-MEDICS was to deliver an instrument that will be a low-cost non-invasive intelligent diagnosis system focused on coeliac disease that can be present at the point of care, such as a doctors' surgery. Intracom Telecom was responsible for the communication infrastructure of the portable instrument and its integration with Hospital Information Systems.

PAMAP: Physical Activity Monitoring for Ageing People

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The key objective of the PAMAP project was to develop a system that supports out-hospital Physical Rehabilitation and Physical Activity Monitoring Services. PAMAP system consisted of the infrastructure and the applications used to monitor physical activity, present information, and provided an easy way for the main system users (the monitored subject, her family and friends, and the clinicians) to interact. Intracom Telecom was responsible for the development of the web EHR and the i-TV solutions of the PAMAP system.

NEXES: Supporting Healthier and Independent Living for Chronic Patients and Elderly

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The objective of NEXES was the extensive deployment and evaluation of several integrated care services, representative of a broad spectrum of health problems, from those affecting citizens at risk or early stages of the disease to those characterizing patients with advanced chronic disorders. The services that NEXES deployed were grouped in four programs: "Well being and rehabilitation", "Enhanced Care support", "Home hospitalisation & early discharge" and "Support diagnostic and/or therapeutic procedures". Intracom Telecom was responsible for the technical support of the clinical services that were deployed in two Greek pilot sites, a public hospital and a private rehab service provider.

CHIRON: Cyclic and person-centric health management: integrated approach for home, mobile and clinical environments


The aim of CHIRON project was to combine state-of-the art technologies and innovative solutions into an integrated framework designed for an effective and person-centric health management along the complete care cycle. The project delivered reference architecture for personal healthcare that ensures the interoperability between heterogeneous devices and services, a reliable and secure patient data management and a seamless integration with the clinical workflow. Intracom Telecom was responsible for implementing solutions for patient and medical assets tracking, as well as for environmental sensing.


Corallia LoC: Lab-On-Chip project, "Microelectronics Elements for Lab-On-Chip Molecular Analysis Instruments for Genetic and Environmental Applications

The Lab-On-Chip project, "Microelectronics Elements for Lab-On-Chip Molecular Analysis Instruments for Genetic and Environmental Applications" was focused on the design, development and implementation of advanced IP blocks consisting of integrated circuits and sensors used in measurement and control subsystems of molecular genetic analysis instruments and environmental monitoring applications. Intracom Telecom was responsible for the design and implementation of IP blocks of the lab-on-chip-instrument, as well as for the manufacturing of the instrument prototype.