Digital Television

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The Digital Television Lab provides R&D and quality control facilities for digital interactive TV and advanced Internet applications. Current projects include the development of:

  • Digital TV and Internet access decoders
  • Interactive TV applications (e-program guides, e-commerce, enhanced TV,)
  • Internet telephony applications
  • Broadband network-based Internet fast access software and relevant applications, including distant learning, real-time data base replication and synchonization, and multlimedia content distribution, presentation, and management systems.

The Digital TV Laboratory's infrastructure includes voice/video/data sources, codecs (DVB/MPEG), multiplexing IP encapsulators, modems, video and data base servers, consumer and professional receivers as well as S/W development tools, which in combination with a complex internal cable network, offer to research engineers the ability to exactly simulate the complex digital satellite TV and Internet environment.