Printed Circuit Board Design Laboratory

The Printed Circuit Board Lab designs the physical substrate board of the electronic units manufactured by INTRACOM TELECOM. Due to product manufacturing and operational requirements, the design becomes an integral part of product-specific know-how.

The company also invests in PCB simulation software in order to achieve timely fault identification during PCB design, resulting in fewer redesigns and accelerated development.

The Lab continuously targets on improving infrastructure organization in order to reduce development time-and on designing products incorporating new materials, such as Fine Pitch QFPs & QFNs, BGA, Mbga, Unpackaged Wire Bonded Dies. There is an ongoing effort in order the laboratory to be always updated with the latest hardware and software. The last hardware update take place in 2015 and it was new work station for every CAD designer.

New Product Introduction (NPI) Laboratory

The NPI Laboratory occupies an area of 1000 sq m located in the same premises with R&D facilities.

NPI Laboratory main activities are:

  • Prototype boards assembly
  • Pilot Production of new products
  • Manufacturability improvements
  • Production Costing analysis
  • Mass Production set up
  • Technology transfer & Technical support to Production Plants in Bucharest- Romania & other EMS manufacturers.
Image of NPI lab

Manufacturing services to customers who need prototypes and small volume production of pcba's as well as fully assembled products can be provided by the NPI Lab.

NPI Lab Equipment includes:

  • One SMT automatic placement and soldering line, consisting of one screen printer, two GSM, two Chip Shooter machines and one Nitrogen Reflow oven. Components like 0201 Chips, Leadless (QFN) ICs. Fine Pitch ICs (≥ 0.4mm), BGAs (≥ 0.5mm ball pitch) are within the assembly capabilities of the SMT line.
  • One X-Ray inspection PCB Analyzer.
  • SMT Repair & Rework Station
  • Press Fit Technology component placement Machine.
  • More than fifty Automated Test Benches for conducting Power Supply module tests, Boundary Scan tests, Functional testing, Microwave ( up to 90GHz) Radio module testing.
  • Five integrated system Automated Final testers incorporating Thermal Chambers (-50oC to +150oC) for testing products at extreme temperatures.
Image of NPI lab

Image of NPI lab
Printed Circuit Board Laboratory

The Printed Circuit Board Lab produces highly reliable and quick-turnover board prototypes and low volume production pcb quantities.

Single sided / Double sided Plated Through & MultiLayer (up to 20 layers) boards are manufactured. Blind Via technology is supported.

Various base materials are used such as FR4i, PCL370HR for standard technology boards, BT Epoxy, Polyimide for specific application boards and Rogers, Taconic for RF & Microwave boards.

Lab Testing facilities include Automatic Optical Inspection, X-ray analysis, Electrical Testing, Metallographic Inspection, & Solderability tests.

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

Mechanical Engineering Lab occupies an area of 700 sq m located next to R&D facilities.

Main activities of the Mechanical Lab are:

  • R&D support by producing fast service prototype mechanical parts of products under development.
  • Manufacturing of waveguide components (waveguides, w/g splitters, antenna components, feeders etc) supporting R&D and Production Testing.
  • Manufacturing of mechanical parts for Production Test Stations (Racks, Test Fixtures etc).
  • Pilot production of mechanical parts.
  • Production of mechanical parts for the needs of Production Plants in Bucharest- Romania & other EMS manufacturers.

The Mechanical lab supports processes such as:

  • CNC Machining (milling, turning and drilling a wide variety of metals using 5-axies machines).
  • Conventional Machining.
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication (cutting, drilling and forming using hybrid laser-punching machine).
  • Welding (TIG and MIG method).

Mechanical Lab Equipment includes:

  • CNC 5axis milling machine
  • CNC Lathe machine
  • CNC Laser Cutting Punching machine
  • CNC Bending
  • Various conventional machines
  • CMM Measuring station
  • Welding equipment