Human Resources

INTRACOM TELECOM recognizes that human capital is the key to success in today's business environment. The company's highly specialized and experienced personnel are pivotal to achieving demanding objectives and advancing the capabilities of the company to better serve its customers.

INTRACOM TELECOM is the largest Greek multinational telecommunications solutions and professional services provider and offers challenging and rewarding careers to highly qualified and career-oriented individuals.

The company offers a fast-paced, success-oriented and rewarding working environment fueled by the talent and skills of its people who are among the best in the industry. An Integrated Human Resources Management System is in place and includes the following sub-systems: recruitment & succession planning, career development, performance appraisal, rewards management and training and development. The Integrated Human Resources Management System aligns with the corporate principles of equal opportunities and meritocracy by which employees are paid equally for the same job, irrespectively of sex, race, physical ability etc. The employees are rewarded according to their performance and their contribution to the achievement of company's goals.

Intracom Telecom's philosophy focuses on the lifelong learning of its employees and the attraction of highly qualified employees in Greece and abroad. Within this framework, the company provides its employees with continuous training (in-house and external), determined by the challenges they have to face regarding their job.

The company supports the well-being of its employees by providing them fringe benefits such as free medical insurance plan, free transportation on corporate buses through central routes, free parking on company premises, etc.

INTRACOM TELECOM fully considers and respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the relevant national and European legislation. It ensures the existence of an excellent and safe working environment in which non-discriminatory policies are applied, equal opportunities are offered to all employees irrespective of gender, age, nationality and religion.

Human resources distribution by educational background:

  • icon colored lightgreyPostgraduate Studies 26%
  • icon colored redUniversity 45%
  • icon colored redHigh School/ College (2 years) 30%

Human resources distribution by function:

  • icon light greyProject Implementation & Customer Support 40%
  • icon colored orangeResearch & Development 24%
  • icon colored blackProduction 14%
  • icon colored light orangeMarketing & Sales 8%
  • icon colored light greySupportive Functions 10%
  • icon colored light greySupply Chain 4%
Last update: 12/2023