Intracom Telecom brings today innovative solutions to the demanding telecommunications market. Its products employ the most advanced field proven technologies achieving and exceeding the level of performance required by the modern applications for wireless access and backhaul. We invest in relationships and build trust with our partnerships in order to maximize profit. We understand that every customer is unique with different needs and challenges. Together with our partners we constantly try to address the demands of every customer in terms of higher network capacity, lower energy consumption, better spectrum utilization, lower total cost of ownership, etc. We can tailor and customize program details to meet your company’s specific needs.

Why Intracom Telecom?

24-hour online access to all product documentation, marketing collaterals, technical bulletins, white papers Flexible partner program - Any other benefit mutually agreed that could assist our partner to accelerate its growth and profitability. Integrator Certification Training Programs and support of INTRACOM TELECOM equipment Deployed in more than 70 countries worldwide RF Planning and network design assistance Competitive pricing and promotions
Access to one of the industry leading Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint broadband wireless solutions portfolio, including:
  • Operation at standard E band frequencies
  • Superb RF performance with longest range
  • Last mile and X-haul product options
  • SDN and IP/MPLS ready
  • Dual Band Radio support
  • Ethernet, CPRI and eCPRI transport
  • Operation at standard FWA licensed frequencies
  • Coexisting with 5G networks at mmW bands
  • Ultra-fast broadband connection & high subscriber density
  • High service availability
  • Easy to install /small terminal footprint
  • Minimum interference and Low Latency
  • Complete and innovative portfolio (from last mile to highest Nodal)
  • Full outdoor and split mount radios with Superb RF performance
  • Excessive Radio capacity
  • Low power consumption
  • Dual Band Radio support
  • Future-proof functionality for 5G backhaul (IP/MPLS ready)