Millimeter-Wave Radios

Intracom Telecom offers versatile, ground-breaking solutions that perfectly fit major telecommunications applications such as street-level backhaul, 4G/5G X-Haul and home & business Fixed Wireless Access. All radio products are capable of ultra-high capacity, they operate either in unlicensed (V-Band) or low-licensing cost (E-Band) spectrum, whilst employing the latest transceiver and networking technologies. Unique features include the innovative antenna with auto-alignment capability, accommodated in the V-Band solution, as well as the integrated monitoring and diagnostics functions that improve network OAM efficiency and cost.


30Gbit/s E-Band using a single 2 GHz channel

UltraLink™-XR80 is a next-generation, ultra-high capacity dual E-Band (71-76 / 81-86 GHz) radio that is ideal for use in 5G RAN transport (backhaul, midhaul and fronthaul) applications. It offers a ground-breaking full-duplex 30 Gbit/s of air capacity in one single unit using a 2,000 MHz channel in internally configured XPIC / RLA functionality, while the L1 Ethernet capacity of the radio may reach 40 Gbit/s by application of multi-layer capacity optimization. UltraLink™-XR80 provides the exceptional link ranges that are typical of the Intracom Telecom premium E-Band radio series. The radio features four 10 Gbit/s SFP+ based interfaces that can be used to transport Ethernet, eCPRI or CPRI traffic. Furthermore, in combination with a cell-site Gateway, it can offer advanced L2 / MPLS / L3 networking services. UltraLink™-XR80 is designed to be easily mounted on poles, while additional features, such as integrated radio link quality monitoring and diagnostics functionality, can improve speed and efficiency of deployment and maintenance. Due to its versatility and capacity, UltraLink™-XR80 can ideally support the combined traffic of 5G and legacy 2G / 3G / 4G mobile systems. Additional applications include transport in Metro / Aggregation networks as a fiber substitute.

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Wireless GTTX & Enterprise Connectivity

UltraLink™-BX70, an ultra-compact all outdoor Ethernet radio operating in the 71-76 GHz part of the E-Band spectrum, is ideally suited for use in cost-sensitive, high-capacity access applications. Operating in TDD mode, UltraLink™-BX70 is flexible and efficient in the delivery of services, with asymmetric traffic profiles, such as broadband access or camera backhaul services. It achieves throughputs of up to 1.6 Gbit/s (aggregate), while offering a complete set of Carrier Ethernet networking features required for standardized SLA-enabled services.

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E-Band Multi-Gigabit Technology for Improved Network Economics

UltraLink™-FX80 Compact Node (CN) is a field-proven fully-outdoor, ultra-high capacity radio operating in the entire E-Band spectrum (71-76 / 81-86 GHz). Combining native Ethernet and CPRI functionality on the same unit, it can be used flexibly in backhaul, midhaul and fronthaul applications. UltraLink™-FX80 CN is based on the latest mmWave transceiver technologies to enable industry-leading link range at maximum capacity. Its capacity (up to 3 Gbit/s), low latency and support of all packet synchronization methods fully satisfy the backhaul requirements of 4G and low-band 5G mobile broadband technologies, while its advanced networking functionality enables deployment flexibility in complex network topologies.

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Ultra-High Capacity for 4G / 5G X-Haul

UltraLink™-GX80 is a next-generation all-outdoor E-Band radio (71-76 / 81-86 GHz), boasting market-leading system gain, which is ideally suited for use in demanding transport applications requiring fiber-like capacity. It offers both Ethernet and CPRI functionality on the same unit so that it can be used in backhaul, midhaul and fronthaul applications. Its embedded Carrier Ethernet Bridge enables deployment in complex network topologies – including protected rings – without requiring additional switching equipment. Offering ultra-high capacity (up to 10 Gbit/s), low latency and support for all packet synchronization options, it fully satisfies the rigorous backhaul requirements of 4G / 4G+ and 5G mobile networks.

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V-Band High-Performance Small-Cell Backhaul & 5G FWA

The StreetNode™ V60-PTP series meets the multiple challenges of small-cell backhaul and 5G Fixed Wireless Access applications. These compact, all-outdoor radios operate in the V-Band (60 GHz) and eliminate the licensing burden in most countries, thus boosting the economic viability of the small-cell or GTTx applications business model. With throughputs exceeding 1.6 Gbit/s and with full QoS and packet synchronization functionality, StreetNode™ 6250 PTP, part of the StreetNode™ V60-PTP series, satisfies 4G / 4.5G small-cell backhaul requirements, also offering small size, flexible powering options and a unique mix of automation and "zero-touch" capabilities.

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