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Firmware Updates jetSpeed 520/520i

Please look first for the INTRACOM or OTE logo on your jetSpeed device. Then download from the list below the proper Firmware version for your jetSpeed. Unzip the file to extract the corresponding firmware file. Do not rename the firmware file "TEImage.bin" otherwise you will not be able to perform the upgrade.

Before starting the firmware upgrade procedure, please read carefully the Firmware Upgrade Manual.


jetSpeed models
  • For the jetSpeed devices that bear the INTRACOM logo

  • For the jetSpeed devices that bear the OTE logo

    Recommended: INTRACOM strongly recommends applying immediately this firmware upgrade. This is critical for the correct and safe operation of jetSpeed 520/520i devices. The upgrade contains critical security fixes and feature enhancements (such as, a backup-restore functionality) that will help keep your jetSpeed 520/520i in good and safe operation condition.

    Please read first the Firmware Upgrade Manual