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Gigabit Capacity Everywhere!

Intracom Telecom, acknowledging the particular needs of the broadband access market segment for a radio system with comparable performance to optical fiber, at a price point suitable for the access connectivity business model, has designed and developed the UltraLink™-BX70 E-Band radio.

UltraLink™-BX70, an ultra-compact all-outdoor Ethernet radio operating in the 71-76 GHz part of the E-Band spectrum, is ideally suited for use in cost-sensitive, high-capacity applications. Operating in TDD mode, UltraLink™-BX70 can offer flexibility and efficiency in the delivery of services with asymmetric traffic profiles, such as broadband access or camera backhaul services. It achieves throughputs of up to 1.6 Gbit/s aggregate, while offering a complete set of Carrier Ethernet networking features to deliver standardized SLA-enabled services.

The UltraLink™-BX70 radio unit features two Gigabit Ethernet ports and an embedded Ethernet Bridge enabling deployment flexibility in complex network topologies such as, branched access distribution networks and protected ring topologies with add-drop functionality. Additionally, the delivery of business-critical services require higher availability connectivity. UltraLink™-BX70 can support very high service availability by being deployed in ring configuration with super-fast protection, using the ITU-T G.8032 ERP standard protocol.

UltraLink™-BX70 is designed to be easily mounted on poles, lamp posts and walls, to enable convenience and speed of installation in traditional telco, as well as, street-level environments. Furthermore, it offers operational simplicity by exploiting the automations enabled by the Intracom Telecom's NMS, uni|MS™ SON Manager, which minimizes rollout time and cost, safeguards against deployment errors and simplifies monitoring and maintenance, especially for large scale deployments.

UltraLink™-BX70 ideally suits applications such as: last-mile delivery of wireless FTTx services, delivery of Gigabit services to SMEs and larger enterprises, Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), connectivity for government / public service buildings, utilities & industrial complexes, university campus building interconnection, security camera and Wi-Fi access point backhaul and many more.

  • Ideal for cost-sensitive wireless FTTx and enterprise connectivity services.
  • Enables fast network deployment and services activation.
  • Implements distribution network topologies without external switch.
  • Maximizes spectral efficiency for access applications and camera backhaul networks.
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