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Reliable Public Telephony!

INTRACOM TELECOM has a successful presence in the public telephony market for over two decades. The existing line of integrated cardphone systems (INT 200) fits any indoor or outdoor public environment. The cardphones' most important characteristics include:

  • Operation with prepaid telephone cards.
  • Chip-in-card technology (Eurochip I & II, T2G, 104-bit EEPROM, 256-bit EPROM).
  • Powered over the telephone line – no need for local power source (i.e. battery).
  • Vandal-proof and anti-fraud design.
  • Flexible debiting.
  • "White" & "black" lists for telephone cards.
  • Fully customized solutions according to customer's needs.

Cardphones' supervision, maintenance and software upgrade are executable from a central location, through the company's Cardphone Supervision & Maintenance System (CSMS).

Through user-friendly graphical interfaces, operators are able to configure terminals, monitor their operation and detect faults. Integrated into the CSMS is the capability to manage the transactions of all card types – prepaid telephone / smart / credit card – for providing fraud detection and protection.

The CSMS post-processing capabilities include the statistic report generation, which provide operators a business overview of their cardphones network. In addition, CSMS supports interoperability for technical interconnection and billing between operators.

  • Proven public telephony solutions – more than 200k units sold worldwide, as of today.
  • High reliability – unattended operation, self-powered over the telephone line.
  • Advanced, scalable platform for central cardphone management.
INT 200 family

INT 200C

The INT 200C and INT 200GSM wall-mounted cardphones are intended for use in outdoor non-supervised premises. These cardphones can operate under the most extreme environmental conditions and can withstand vandal abuse.

The INT 200C-color is ideal for use in supervised or semi-supervised indoor venues, such as shopping centers, airports, train stations, etc.

INT 200GSM best fits remote areas lacking fixed network infrastructure. It can also be used in on-board public transportation means or in exhibitions, fairs, sporting events, etc. for temporary public use.



  • Robust, vandal-proof and environmentally-hardened design.
  • Charging through prepaid or magnetic credit cards, or through IN platforms.
  • 12 / 16 KHz pulses or auto-tariff debiting.
  • Pulse or DTMF dialing.
  • Multilingual graphics / backlit display options.
  • Highly-parameterized operation.
  • Built-in line antifraud system and active card authentication.
  • Support for incoming calls (optional).
  • Four software-programmable function keys for language selection, card change, follow-on call, redial, volume control, etc.
  • Eight special-function keys.
  • Special options for INT 200GSM:
    • Various antennas.
    • GSM900 or DCS1800 compatibility.
    • Solar panel for providing the operating power.
  • Other options:
    • Large color display (INT 200C-color) – requires external power locally.
    • Special plastic enclosure for indoor installations (for INT 200C).