The emergence of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has brought closer to reality each operator's quest to create and orchestrate end-to-end, virtual connectivity services for their subscribers.

Intracom Telecom, provides a number of applications and tools enabling Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to deploy virtualized access services on-demand, minimizing time-to-market and upfront investments.

Virtualized WiFi

Use Case: Smart Lighting with Virtualized Wi-Fi

Intracom Telecom has developed a state-of-the-art innovative solution that allows CSPs to collaboratively share & monetize a common Wi-Fi infrastructure, while maintaining service and brand differentiation.

This first fully ETSI NFV-compliant virtualized Wi-Fi solution seamlessly integrates with and virtualizes both indoor and outdoor access points within a fully customizable cloud environment. At a click of a button each hosted operator can choose to deploy virtual network functions (VNFs) between either a pre-configured, out-of-the-box library of VNFs or any other third-party VNF vendor.

Through NFV-enabled Wi-Fi access points, deployed across a Smart City, multiple CSPs can simultaneously utilize virtual slices as if each of them was the sole owner of the respective physical resources.

With Intracom Telecom's virtualized Wi-Fi solution, multiple Wi-Fi vendors can unify all Access Points and provision vendor's controllers or directly control access points. In this way, CSPs can collaboratively share & monetize a common Wi-Fi infrastructure through Wi-Fi infrastructure unification.

Software Defined Carrier Ethernet

Intracom Telecom contributes to the collaborative open source OpenDaylight project as Silver Sponsor and innovates in the OpenDaylight community to deliver MEF-specified Ethernet services over the SDN architecture.

MEF services implemented include:

  • Ethernet Private Line (EPL)
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)
  • Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN)

Northbound interface

  • Configuration of MEF services, Bandwidth profiles, and Layer 2 control plane profiles
  • Report on state of MEF services and their utilized paths (nodes and links)

Graphs algorithms

  • Use of Dijkstra algorithm for shortest path calculations
  • Computation of alternative paths for fast failover
  • Computation of Minimum Spanning Trees

Extra Functionality

  • Fast Failover after link/node failure without the intervention of the SDN controller (<50 msec)

Transport mechanism

  • QinQ

NFV Accelerator

Intracom Telecom has developed an NFV Accelerator which is an NFV stack add-on enabling VNF performance optimization and energy savings.

Within NFV Accelerator, the following policies are being targeted:

  • Data Flow Aware placement (DFA)
  • Memory Access Aware placement (MAA)
  • I/O Aware placement (IOA)
  • SMT (Hyperthreading) Aware placement (SMTA)
  • Power Aware placement (PA)
NFV Accelerator diagram

Open Source SDN Projects and Free NFV Stack

SDN & NFV open source

While conducting advanced R&D on SDN & NFV domains, Intracom Telecom is donating to the international development community through Open Source which comprises a collection of open source tools related to SDN and NFV.

The entire set of tools can be downloaded from GitHub at

Don't forget to ask about Intracom Telecom's free NFV Stack.

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