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Monetize the IoT/M2M potential

Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine (IoT/M2M) communication is a revolutionary and fast growing technology embracing a wide range of domains including Logistics, Transportation, Retail, Utilities, Healthcare and Security. It provides all the means to capture an event (e.g. temperature, inventory level, etc.) generated by remote end-points (e.g. meter, vehicle, pump etc.) and relay it through the network to a managing application (e.g. Fleet Management).

The IoT/M2M potential lies with its prospect of generating new revenue streams through the monetization of the vertical applications and the effective management of an ever expanding value chain. The emerging IoT/M2M supply models provide Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with a unique opportunity to escape from their current function of wholesaling data. CSPs possess all the assets and capabilities to assume the key role of the end-to-end IoT/M2M service provider.

Intracom Telecom's IoT/M2M Revenue management solution "NGINius Charging™ for IoT/M2M" is an innovative, flexible and cost-effective solution addressing end-to-end the IoT/M2M monetization challenges such as:

M2M  apps diagram

  • Profitable monetization of IoT/M2M applications through pricing differentiation
  • Expansion & effective maintenance of the IoT/M2M supply chain
  • Revenue sharing and SLA allocation along value fabric
  • Generation and seamless induction of new revenue streams
  • Attracting the promising SMEs market
  • Overcoming the limited monetization capabilities of the current IoT/M2M enablement technology and the legacy billing systems

NGINius Charging™ for IoT/M2M modular architecture and rich integration capabilities facilitate flexible deployment to suit the diverged needs of different CSPs. It provides full-fledged management of:

  • IoT/M2M oriented Pricing models
  • IoT/M2M Partner Agreements and Revenue Sharing M2M Products
  • IoT/M2M Customers & their Subscriptions

NGINius-Charging™ for IoT/M2Mis capable of supporting diverged IoT/M2M services, enabling cross-product offerings and management of IoT/M2M oriented tariff plans based on combination of multiple traditional and innovative metrics.

Key differentiators
  • End-to-end Revenue Management for the entire IoT/M2M ecosystem
  • Profitable monetization of multiple and diverged IoT/M2M applications through pricing differentiation
  • Accommodation of all B2B, B2C and B2B2X models including Support for the "Billing-On-Behalf-Of" (BOBO) concept
  • Complex yet flexible Partner Management and Revenue Sharing policies
  • Smooth integration with the CSPs Telco and IT environments
  • Application/Platform Vendor independent
  • No disturbance on the CSP's Telco and IT operational environments
Technical Description
  • Enables flexible IoT/M2M oriented pricing models (e.g. value based pay per use, criteria based flat rate) through combination of diverged metrics (e.g. volume, transactions, storage, location, customer profile, priority, application features)
  • Supports real-time credit control from customer down to IoT/M2M SIM/device level
  • Provides multi-tenancy to accommodate all B2B2X models
  • Exposes a rich API for the integration with IoT/M2M enablement (e.g. SIM Management, IoT/M2M Portal) and OBSS components (e.g. Billing)
  • Offers the option to implement new network & northbound interfaces (IoT/M2M Gateway)

NGINius-Charging™ for IoT/M2M fully supports the following functional areas:

  • IoT/M2M oriented Rating & Charging
  • IoT/M2M Partner Management
  • IoT/M2M Account Profile & Subscription Management
  • IoT/M2M Product Catalogue
Functional Area Capabilities
Rating & Charging
  • Definition & management of Tariff Plans that comprise multiple and diverged metrics including the IoT/M2M Customer profile
  • Support for Application Logic/Features based charging
  • Real Time credit control with usage threshold-based Notifications & recharge capabilities
  • Support for Bundles of diverged Services for Cross-Product offering
IoT/M2M Partner Management
  • Model any number of IoT/M2M Partners
  • Support for complex Revenue Sharing schemes
  • Allocate SLA across the value fabric
  • Support for multiple settlement cycles
  • Offer self care facilities to partners through own or external Portal(s)
  • Generate detailed performance reporting at IoT/M2M Partner, IoT/M2M Customer down to the IoT/M2M Product and SIM levels
IoT/M2M Account Profile &Subscription Management
  • Define & maintain IoT/M2M Customer profiles
  • Management of IoT/M2M Customer Subscription(s) lifecycle
  • Accommodation of all B2B2X supply models
  • Support of service committed period and level of usage
  • Customer behaviour based rewards expressed as bonus credit and/or discounted rates
  • Rich API for integration with external modules (e.g. SIM & Device Management)
  • Single O&M point with user/access management and logging/auditing capabilities
IoT/M2M Product Catalogue
  • Flexible definition & lifecycle management of IoT/M2M Products and custom Offers
  • Management & generation of various IoT/M2M oriented recurring and non-recurring fees
  • Metrics management to support pricing of new domains/applications/products or enrich the existing ones
  • Rich API for integration with external modules (e.g. IoT/M2M Portal)

Depending on the CSP needs, NGINius-Charging™ for IoT/M2M can offer the following add-on modules:

  • IoT/M2M Portal
  • Order Management
  • Provisioning
  • Policy Management
  • IoT/M2M Gateway / IoT/M2M APIs Exposure
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