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The technological evolution in charging and billing enables operators to deliver unique user experience by offering flexible, subscriber-focused service packages. Convergent charging and billing solutions play a major role in the service delivery chain, since they must rate and bill those services accurately, efficiently and transparently. They have to be more and more service-aware, since they need to handle innovative marketing offerings and - in many cases - anticipate marketing trend. Such current trend/challenge is supporting charging and billing models for Cloud services, smart grids and M2M.

Intracom Telecom has developed NGINius™-Convergent Billing an end-to-end solution that offers rating and charging excellence through a convergent real-time engine. It provides a high-performance, convergent billing & invoicing engine capable of monetizing any service, while also implementing and managing financial relationships for any business model. Operations readiness, fulfillment and assurance are also supported by a number of functionality-rich modules.

NGINius™-Convergent Billing effectively chains the management of all rating, charging and billing related tasks and provides full network, service, payment method and business model convergence.

It provides exceptional dynamic business modeling by empowering operators to manage and extend their business processes and entities through a number of GUI accessible tools.


NGINius™-Convergent Billing has been designed according to the international standards (ITU, ETSI, 3GPP, IETF, eTOM) for Billing and Charging and is easily customizable in order to meet specific operator needs. It meets the essential requirements for future proof end-to-end solution by providing:

Account Centric Design

The solution introduces an account-centric model, which is not restricted to the business systems layer only. It allows divergent services to be deployed by the operator but at the same time, enables unified management of the corresponding user profiles.

End-to-end Billing & Charging Convergence

Convergence at the levels of:

  • Network: Fixed, Mobile, IP
  • Service: voice, data, event
  • Type: time, volume, content, event
  • Payment: Pre to post paid

Its online charging capability, for both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers, allows operators to achieve unique customer experience and significantly reduce their costs.

Also, the extensive dynamic modelling and business process management capabilities of NGINius™-Convergent Billing, not only allows CSPs to extend their system in a secure and systematic way, but it also enables smooth end-to-end integration with the operating environment

Rapid Time to Market

NGINius™-Convergent Billing provides a very powerful and flexible Product Catalogue that enables definition and management of any service from any domain. Those services are reusable and can be easily grouped together to create divergent offerings.

The Product Catalogue also supports definition and management of any type of one-time as well as recurring charges with user-defined periodicity. Its measurement unit management function enables operators to define and manage rates for usage records of any kind.

The above NGINius™-Convergent Billing capabilities enable operators to turn quickly an innovative marketing idea into a targeted offer.

Market Targeting

Account Centric Design and the rich service portfolio of NGINius™-Convergent Billing. along with its convergent charging capabilities, allow the operator to introduce products and payment schemes commercially attractive to selected market segments.

Innovation Support
Cloud models charging

NGINius™-Convergent Billing provides the necessary multi-tenancy support and the measurement unit management in order to be able to accommodate an arbitrary number of cloud services and cloud service providers.

It supports all known charging models for cloud services like flat rate, pay-as-you-use, feature-based rate or combination of those. Intracom Telecom is committed to continually monitor and support cloud technology as that evolves.

On Demand Services to Post-paid Customers

A trend that is emerging in the Telco industry is a change in the way post-paid subscribers interact with the service providers. Instead of subscribing on a monthly basis, packages and promotions will be offered on an "on-demand" basis. This way, subscribers will have more options in the way they pay for their services and far more control over their spending.

Also, for the service provider, this shift from batch to real-time for post-paid subscribers has inherent benefits. Indicatively:

  • Operation costs reduction
  • Revenues increase
  • Revenue leakage reduction
  • Churn reduction
  • Competitiveness increase

With On-Demand service, operators will deal with a larger number of small transactions in real time instead of setting up billing cycles and periods for post-paid rating and charging. This will not only minimize their revenue leakage but also make best revenue streams control possible.

Such model will be also of benefit to the subscribers, since they will have much more flexibility in selecting and paying for their services.

Technical Description

NGINius™-Convergent Billing empowers operators to invent new business models through its very powerful Dynamic Modeling Environment and enhance collaboration between technical departments, business groups and service subscribers. It is fully scalable and uniquely built from the ground up using the flexibility of XML and the interoperability of web services. It consists of a variety of functional modules to meet the most demanding charging and billing requirements.

It supports both pipeline processes and state machines through a flexible Workflow Engine.

NGINius™-Convergent Billing seamlessly interfaces with the network through a network interaction module that efficiently handles network elements & service enablers in order to perform Real time credit control for sessions or events initiated in 2G, 3G, CDMA, IP or fixed networks.

It may be also offered integrated with ActionRuler™ (Intracom Telecom's Policy Control & Management solution) to fully-support policy-based charging.

NGINius™-Convergent Billing provides user and access management services, process scheduling & monitor, logging & auditing as well as powerful custom data viewing and reporting capabilities. It is open and suitable for easy integration since it provides a large number of APIs which enable integration with external applications/systems (i.e. CRM, POS, ERP etc) in a systematic way.

NGINius™-Convergent Billing rich functionality solution, fully complying to e-TOM standards, comprises:

Operations Support & Readiness
  • Advanced Customer Management which allows n-level account hierarchies and enables communities management and credit sharing
  • A comprehensive Catalog Management that provides operators the ability to create any product or service and the associated pricing and discounting
  • Campaign Management; a special configuration of selected modules in order to automate the management of sales campaigns, loyalty, promotions, researches, etc.
  • Resource Management; a robust, scalable and highly reliable solution that allows operators to manage all the resources that are related to the services provided (i.e. vouchers, SIM cards, rooters, Set-top Boxes etc)
  • Workflow based Order Management and Capturing. The workflows can be easily modified and/or extended
  • Partner Management & Revenue Sharing; a sophisticated engine that is built to handle the challenges of today's complex channels and agreements.
  • Self Care with powerful notification capabilities is through SMS, USSD, IVR and Web. The Web Self Care includes an Electronic Bill Presentment (EBPP) module that is updated with information from the other components in real time
  • Workflow based Incident/Case Management with human resource allocation capability
  • High-performance, convergent Real Time Rating and Billing Engines capable of monetizing any service, across any industry.
  • Powerful centralized Real Time Balance Management and Credit Control
  • Recharge Management with auto-recharge capability. The customer can interact with this module via a number of methods (i.e., SMS/MMS/USSD, IVR, Web GUI etc)
  • Policy Management; functionality provided by ActionRulerTM which is a state-of-the-art, 3GPP-compatible, carrier-grade Policy Management solution. ActionRuler™ provides all the tools and operational performance needed for the definition and deployment of policy- based telecom commercial offerings.
  • Voucher Management is a function of the Resource Management
  • Payments & Receivables with automatic payment allocation control and bad debt collection capabilities

In addition to the above functionality, NGINius™-Convergent Billing also provides:

  • Business Process Management engines to support dynamic modeling and configuration through GUI tools
  • Reporting capabilities that produce a number of standard MIS and operations reports. It also provides the means for custom data viewing
  • Full MVNO support
  • A comprehensive, multilingual Web-based GUI with a powerful Access Rights management. It provides localization support and it is fully customizable through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Guarantee for proper, timely and risk-free delivery
  • Proven record in Telco sector through turn-key projects in Wireline, Wireless, IMS networks
  • Extensive experience in integrating and supporting Real-Time charging, billing, provisioning and CRM solutions
  • Deep knowledge of network protocols and interfaces
  • Deep knowledge of BSS and in particular of the Charging and Billing area
  • Extensive experience in systems migration
  • Experienced professional teams supporting an end to end offering, including Consultancy, Development, Deployment and Support
  • High performance in-house lab facilities accommodating leading technology equipment
  • Security and quality standards that meet the highest expectations
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