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EU Roaming Regulation III solution

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Unlock dormant revenues with NGINius Roaming Suite

Subscriber's charges for the use of services while roaming have always been very high compared to domestic charges. They have also been less transparent. Inevitably, this has led a big percentage of travelers not to use their mobile phones while abroad, especially for data services.

The latest directive introduced by the EU, requiring the separate sale of retail roaming services, mandates that the Operators undergo infrastructure changes to achieve compliance with this regulation; nevertheless, it also presents a unique opportunity for Operators to unlock & benefit from new roaming revenues, by expanding their customer base with new roaming subscribers that have been reluctant until now.

Intracom Telecom's NGINius Roaming Suite provides a solution that fully maximizes the potential offered, while it effectively addresses EU Roaming Regulation III for both Local Breakout (LBO) & Single IMSI technical modalities. Within a single offering, the solution includes all the necessary functionality and interfaces that enable the creation & monetization of data packages for visiting subscribers, while also enabling Alternative Roaming Providers (ARPs) to offer decoupled regulated services to roamers. Interestingly enough, this EU Regulation opens new opportunities not only for Service Providers within EU countries, but also for Operators serving in countries that receive visitors from the EU. This constitutes a unique opportunity for the realization of novel business models among Communication Service Providers, certainly not to be missed.

NGINius Roaming Suite is a complete offering for any Operator wishing to deploy decoupled roaming services, as well as trying to protect their users from the bill shock experience through the use of intelligent real time credit control.

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