Cognitiva™ is the brand name of Intracom Telecom’s portfolio of Artificial Intelligence use cases for Telco, Wireless Networks, Financial Services, Utilities and Smart Cities.

It is all about the adoption of Advanced AI/ML Technologies, such as self-learning systems that use data mining, pattern recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP), to simulate human thought. These technologies are able to efficiently manage and analyze, in real-time, massive quantities of dynamic and mainly unstructured data, in order to offer high-value Customer Services, transform internal organization’s operations and streamline its processes.

Intracom Telecom strongly believes that multiple Industries’ Companies should move towards the cognitive way of operating, in a more intelligent way, because data is a valuable heritage that definitely will boost their way of business. Organizations need something more than customers’ & financial insights, since customers are now digital-savvy with widened demands.

Intracom Telecom offering allows real time data integration, end to end complex data management and analysis, legacy systems’ modernization through APIs, as well as advanced AI/ML use cases implementation via a powerful Data Science Environment. Intracom Telecom has introduced a powerful suite of AI-driven Use Cases aiming at facilitating day-to-day operations and refining the customers’ digital journeys:

Cognitiva Artificial Intelligence Applicaton Suite

Leveraging its deep expertise in Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Intracom Telecom has developed Cognitiva™ to address the challenges and objectives of various industries, including Telcos, Financial Services, Utilities and Smart Cities.

  • Telco
  • Wireless Networks
  • Financial Services
  • Utilities & Smart Cities

For more details, please refer to Applications

Cognitiva™ is a set of enterprise-ready AI Applications that empower both, operational and commercial business units of an institution with real time insights, by leveraging existing infrastructure and advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms and technologies’ capabilities.

Addressing the latest challenges of any Industry, Cognitiva™ provides:

  • Interactive Visual Analytics & Statistics
  • Decision Support & What-If Scenario Simulations
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text mining based applications
  • Regression, classification, clustering and deep learning capabilities
  • Supervised and Unsupervised machine learning models
Cognitiva Dashboard UI

Offering advantages:

  • detailed (with drill down analysis) & consolidated views
  • real-time monitoring & tracking
  • early alerting mechanisms
  • personalized, real-time recommendations
  • solid business insights & dashboards on critical KPIs
  • forecasts
  • digital channels transactions & customer penetration
  • streaming data analysis & AI technologies to recreate a new customer experience
  • digital transformation strategy driven “inside – out”
  • operations’ optimization
  • quick and easy decision making

Cognitiva™ comes on top of existing applications of an organization (like Digital Wallet or a PFM App of a Bank or a Loyalties Platform of a company) empowering not only customers with intelligent services offered to him but also facilitating multiple operational and commercial business units of the organization itself, which certainly get benefit by the use of structured & ‘intelligently’ served information, viewed at a single point of reference (from General Management, MIS & Reporting Divisions, to the staff of Physical Branches network and centralized operations’ departments).

For more details, please refer to ‘ Applications

Cognitiva™ for Financial Services

Intracom Telecom addresses FS sector’s challenges efficiently by leveraging Cognitiva™ Artificial Intelligence to empower multiple back-end applications, daily operations & customer interactions, via the following groups of intelligent Use Cases:

Customer Intelligence Incubator

By integrating real-time customer interaction data – originating from any possible data source (i.e. physical branches network, call center, digital channels, e-mail, social media, etc.) and leveraging advanced AI & ML Algorithms, Customer Intelligence Incubator is a set of AI-powered modules aiming to aggregate & analyze all customer-related and customer-produced data at a Single Point of Reference. Fully customizable and interactive Dashboards for the following Use Cases:

  • Real-Time Monitoring, Evaluation & Amelioration of Contact Centers' Customer Service Performance
  • Real-Time Tracking & Automation of Social Media Customer Interaction
  • Dynamic 360o Customer View by integrating all Customer Touchpoints & relevant feedback, at a single point of reference
Branch Intelligence Incubator

AI-powered set of Use Cases for Intelligent Branches’ Operations:

  • Branch Clustering: create different dynamic branch clusters, based on a series of criteria and achieve Physical Channels Cluster Comparison for Performance Evaluation & Dynamic Goal Setting
  • Branch Scorecards: monitor a Branch’s performance in terms like goals achievement, customer base value, customer experience, versus its Cluster and achieve better decision making and setting of new goals
  • Branch Predictions: predict future transactions (volume / value) per cluster, branch, type, method, etc. and achieve better planning and optimum resources’ allocation or internal staff movements.
  • Customer Value Clustering: get enabled to create customer value clusters (e.g. High, Medium, Low), based on a series of criteria like their transactional, product, financial and demographic data
Cognitive PFM

Financial Services evolution imposes AI-powered add-on Modules for any Personal Financial Management (PFM) because PFM constitutes the new way of customer service, as it enables the Bank to act as a financial consultant to its clientele. PFM goes beyond ‘yet-another’ banking mobile app, as users have the capability to perform a series of actions, such as create a saving goal or a budget plan, as well as receive meaningful information regarding their transactions, accounts and products.

PFM Diagram

Cognitive PFM comes to offer a traditional PFM boosted with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, meaning that it could optimally consult the user, based on his past but also future behavior and similar users’ profile. Intracom Telecom Cognitive PFM unfolds a portfolio of AI Use Cases, as follows:

  • Saving Goal / Budget Planners: turn financial goal planning to an intelligent financial management consulting tool.
  • Expense & Income Analyzers: Leverage Big Data & AI capabilities to provide multiple criteria analysis of expenses/income, uncategorized transactions’ manipulation and intelligent cluster analytics.
  • Cash Projection Advisor: Enables users to have actual forecasts with upcoming payments (Cash Out) or incoming money (Cash In) flows in the near future and what is the relevant transactional category
  • Card Usage Projection Advisor: Helps users efficiently & holistically manage their card products, in a transparent way.

Cognitiva™ for Telco

Intracom Telecom addresses the Telco challenges by leveraging Cognitiva™ Artificial Intelligence to enhance CSP’s Customer Experience, improve Products & Services and assure Operation Network efficiency. Use Cases developed for large CSPs include:

Predictive maintenance

An operator’s Technical Department usually finds hard to choose an optimum time window during which required network upgrades and maintenance can take place without a negative impact on customer service experience. Intracom Telecom’s predictive maintenance solution, applies a sophisticated recommendation algorithm on data from both customer network behavior and forecasted traffic volume and forecasts the best possible time interval when maintenance can take place. In this way, a CSP ensures minimum revenue loss while avoiding service disruptions.

Customer’s journey optimization

Optimizing each customer’s journey is a demanding challenge that most CSPs face and is influenced by the risks and faults associated with each path’s selection. Intracom Telecom’s customer journey optimization solution, takes input from journey’s touchpoints, customer’s digital profile and digital channel usage and applies a forecasting algorithm. Among others, the algorithm correlates root causes, evaluates different paths and estimates probabilities for each path’s failure. The output of this process is a proposed set of alternative options and services that can be offered which improve customer’s experience, increase retention and minimize churn. For the CSP, the extra benefit is that customer’s journey process can also be proactively optimized.

Sentiment Analysis

Telco Operators (CSPs) are constantly evaluating how to adopt their products in order to stay ahead of their competitors, by analyzing customer experience and targeting the products which receive poor feedback for further improvement, as well as identifying the ones that receive positive feedback to further promote them.

This evaluation costs a huge amount of time and money as CSPs need to constantly monitor their customers' behavior, but also need to analyze data in near real-time in order to act promptly and improve their revenue. Cognitiva™ automates this process via sentiment analysis, an automated process that determines whether a textual input is positive, neutral or negative, solving a number of challenges, including annotation automation and accuracy as well Greek language capability.


At any given moment, a CSP needs to prioritize investments within a diverse portfolio of areas. Intracom Telecom’s Smart CAPEX solution combines Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Business Intelligence, based on unified data and commonly defined business rules, to enable business stakeholders address strategic questions around capital expenditure funding. By leveraging technology, commercial and technical metrics the solution creates a dynamic attribution model that overlays and visualizes related costs and investments. Then, a forecasting algorithm evaluates and recommends the best feasible CAPEX investment while forecasting profitability per service, technology and customer segmentation.

Error-free Rollout

Cross-domain configuration issues are very common during the rollout phase, delaying the deployment plans, making it too hard to be identified and resolved, and may possibly smear the subscribers’ experience. These issues require troubleshooting spanning across multiple technology domains and enchain experts from various disciplines, to analyze and evaluate the configured parameters and examine the potential impact of reconfiguration. Intracom Telecom’s AI-powered Intelligent Configuration Search provides a continuous and insightful evaluation to isolate and correct the misconfiguration on NE level, Network segment level or even Network-wide.

Cognitiva™ for Utilities & Smart Cities

Intracom Telecom Cognitiva™ for Utilities ™ Smart Cities utilizing tools that receive, analyze and manage data obtained from Internet of Things (IoT) devices and enables a plethora of applications for both cities and citizens, such as:

  • Customer Profiling: By using Machine Learning (ML) approaches, such as Clustering, utility providers (e.g. energy or water companies) can classify and manage their consumers based on their corresponding usage patterns. Then, by disaggregating the consumption, the utility providers get a better view and understanding of energy or water allocation among different devices within a residential or business facility. This, allows the providers to deliver more personalized and custom-made plans, tariffs and billing reports.
  • Utilities Forecasting: By applying ML approaches suitable for time series forecasting on real time reports, usage patterns and historic data the utilities’ provider can generate predictions per hour, week, day, month for energy and water consumption levels that allow utilities’ provider to adjust its pricing policy accordingly. Furthermore, forecasting is also valuable for the consumers themselves, as it allows them to get a deeper understanding of their current and future energy/water consumption levels and thus choose a better subscription plan covering their needs.
  • Environmental quality monitoring: Cognitiva™ for Utilities & Smart Cities provides a unified view of a vast number of IoT sensors that stream environmental data combined with customized alarms and notifications. Real-time data can be visualized as consolidated, interactive heat maps through insightful Dashboards. Advanced disaggregation methods analyze each air pollutant levels while ML algorithms predict future values over time. As a result, environmental Regulators have the option of imposing “on-demand” emission reductions, which can then be integrated in existing emission control programs.