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HealthCare Institutes, in today's highly competitive market, are facing various challenges: Dealing with limited budgets and fewer personnel, they try to increase the quality of medical services and ensure patient safety.

On the other hand aging and patient population are increased. As Digital Technology penetrates in medical equipment industry, the need of Information and Communication Technology involvement in the area of Health is becoming more than essential.

Intracom Telecom, in response to that, presents a product offering of medical solutions addressed to HealthCare service providers. Most recent updates on IT and Communication Technologies are used to provide the best quality of services associated with the highest technology standards.

  • Increase patient safety.
  • Ameliorate the delivery of healthcare services.
  • Reduce medical errors.
  • Improve health information management.
  • Improve effectiveness and reduce cost of a Health Organization.

Intracom Telecom's product portfolio of medical solutions offers:

  • UKeMED: Clinical Education & Support: UKeMED is a set of services aiming to revolutionize the provision of healthcare, consultation and educational services worldwide. Intracom Telecom has the exclusive role of the Global Integrator to provide e-health services in the healthcare market. Recorded educational lectures seminars and events coming initially from Cambridge University Hospitals (and more Institutes in the future) are used to provide Medical, Nursing and Administration training services. Live and recorded (library content) are both provided. Additionally, end customer is able to receive a second medical opinion from highly expertise medical staff of the UKeMED platform, using telemedicine techniques.

  • PACS/RIS as a Service: Picture Archiving and Communication System / Radiology Information System is installed in a Cloud-based environment, offered to the customer as a "pay as you grow" service.

  • Nurse Calling System: A voice and data solution, delivering nurse notifications and call alerts to wireless phones, pagers and other end-point devices.

  • Location Based System (LBS): Based on Wi-Fi location technology, it provides intelligence about the location of mobile resources. Applicable to assets and patients, it improves coordination and workflow within the Hospital.

  • TelePresence / HealthPresence: Cisco's HealthPresence, using the network as a platform, combines high-definition video, advanced audio and network transmitted medical data to "connect" patient and doctor or health specialist when they are in different geographical locations.

  • Lab Readiness Results: Application that allows clinicians to be more responsive to lab results requiring follow-up care, resulting in increased patient satisfaction and care.

  • Bed Side Terminal: Fixed installation by the patient's bed, it delivers multimedia services on demand such as TV and radio over IP, video, internet, e-mail, gaming etc.


Intracom Telecom's HealthCare solutions apply to any health-related Institute or Organization:

  • Hospitals - Public & Private
  • Medical Schools
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Primary Health Care Centers
  • Private Practice Doctors
  • Medical Associations
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Elderly Homes
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