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Customer Service Department
support@intracom-telecom. com
netMod Help Desk
netmod@intracom-telecom. com
jetSpeed Help Desk
Email: jetspeed@intracom-telecom. com

Customer Service

INTRACOM TELECOM has longstanding experience in providing complete professional pre-sales, implementation, technical support and after-sales customer services. Customer Care is a vital and essential process within the company and is realised by releasing the full power of resources to improve the competitiveness and business efficiency of our customers.

To assure compatibility when implementing new systems, to improve systems and business efficiency and deliver customized solutions, full-scale consulting services are available to customers according to their requirements and needs.

INTRACOM TELECOM offers customer service and support services for all products, business solutions and projects that the company implements and provides.

For all large-scale projects, the type and the nature of offered support services are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective customer agreements or contracts. Please refer to these contracts or contact the respective Project or Account Manager who has been assigned by our company or any of our subsidiaries to provide local services to your company.

Service requests beyond the scope of an existing contract can be forwarded mainly by e-mail towards our Customer Service Department. Requests are stored into a database to facilitate their follow-up process. The response time of this service is normally within one (1) working day (Mon.-Fri.: 08:30-16:00, local GMT+2 hours).

For netMod only, a hot-line technical support is available during working hours (Mon.-Fri.: 08:30-16:00, local GMT+2 hours). For more information or assistance please navigate to «netMod Help Desk» webpage.

For information or assistance on jetSpeed, please navigate to «jetSpeed Help Desk» webpage.