Other Activities

Internet of Things (IoT)

Intracom Telecom activities in this domain address the need for interoperable IoT platforms. The vast variety of IoT technologies render the work of combining and integrating different solutions quite complex. The company is a member of the 'Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation' (AIOTI) and works towards providing solutions that enable IoT interoperability.


symbIoTe (Symbiosis of smart objects across IoT environments):

symbIoTe logo

symbIoTe aims at addressing the fragmentation in the IoT ecosystem by providing an abstraction layer for a "unified view" on various platforms and their resources (sensors, actuators, services). This will allow IoT resources to be transparent to application designers and developers. In addition, symbIoTe chooses a challenging task to implement IoT platform federations so that IoT platforms can securely interoperate, collaborate and share resources for the mutual benefit. Moreover, symbIoTe will support the migration of smart objects between various IoT domains and platforms, i.e., "smart object roaming".

Intracom Telecom is the coordinator of the project and is also responsible for the implementation and integration of the respective middleware components that will materialize the IoT interoperability.


ICT for Security

Intracom Telecom is involved in various activities related to the general concept of security research since few years. The company is a member of the Integrated Mission Group for Security (IMG-S) and participates in various research groups (TA2 group on Communications, TA4 group on Resilience, TA5 group on Information Management, and TA7 group on Cyber-Security).


AF3: Advanced Forest Fire Fighting

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The AF3 project implements ICT solutions that increase the efficiency of fire-fighting operations, with the aim to save human lives and reduce damages to the environment. The focus of AF3 is on novel active countermeasure for accurately dispersing extinguishing materials from both air and ground capable to operate in every condition, fast build-up of passive semi-permanent barriers and Public information channels. Intracom Telecom provides a sub-system allowing time-dependent localization of population, real-time PHR-based health monitoring of responders/victims, investigation of interoperability of medical services and communications in the context of crisis management, on-site health monitoring and decision support based on on-site medical situation assessment.


ICT for Sustainable Agriculture

Intracom Telecom activities in this domain address the need for sustainable production of healthy and safe food in the light of the ever-growing global population and increasing environmental and sustainability concerns.


PEISMON: Pesticides Monitoring Systems using Nanosensors for Safe Food Production


Intracom Telecom coordinates PEISMON a project partially funded by the Greek General Secretariat for Research & Technology, dedicated to research and development of technologies that facilitate greenhouses' environmental and pesticides monitoring. Apart from coordinating the project, the company is also responsible for the development of an Electronic Cultivation Record as well as for the deployment and management of a WSN that supports environmental monitoring within the greenhouse field.


New Media & Enhanced Interactivity


MOMIRAS: Mobile Mixed Reality System


MOMIRAS, the coordinator of which is Intracom Telecom explores earlier experiences in cultural heritage area and aims at developing an innovative SDK platform that copes with an emergent mobile application domain, i.e. mixed reality, targeting to the delivery of new services and AR-enabled features that fully exploit the range data stemming from the next generation of mobile 3D sensors

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