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The Company

Research & Development

Research & Innovation Projects

Among the strategic objectives of the company are the evolution of existing products through innovation, the exploration of new ICT related market areas for future expansion, and the accumulation and transfer of know-how towards better products' design and extended productivity.

Towards the accomplishment of these objectives, the company participates in collaborative R&D projects co-funded either by the European Commission or the Greek State. Through these collaborations, the company acquires know-how in innovative technologies coherent with its main line of business, enhances its innovation capacity and seeks for opportunities for novel products and services development.

The R&D group of Intracom Telecom makes every strong effort to promote the company, its expertise and capabilities as well as to establish strong presence on the European research and innovation arena. In doing this, it participates in a number of European initiatives such as the New European Media Initiative (, the European Technology Platforms dedicated to Software, Services and Data ( and to Networks (, and to the Integrated Mission Group for Security (