Board of Directors INTRACOM TELECOM

Mr. David Khidasheli
President of the Board

Mr. David Khidasheli

Born in 1965 in Tbilisi. Mr. Khidasheli graduated from Georgian Polytechnical Institute n.a. V.I. Lenin as mechanical engineer in 1989, and completed courses at UNESCO World Technological University, Moscow. From 1988 till 1993 Mr. Khidasheli served as CEO at the Pravetz Corporation Representative Office in Russia and the CIS countries (computer technologies), Bulgaria. From 1993 to 1998 David held a position of Chairman of the General Assembly of the International Road and Traffic Organization (IRTO), Switzerland. From 1998 till 1999 - General Representative of Castel Group in the CIS countries. From 2000 - member of the Coordination Council, Executive Director for the programmes of World Agency of Planetary Monitoring and Earthquake Risk Reduction (WAPMERR), Switzerland. From 2004 till 2009 - Vice President of the UNESCO World Technological University (Moscow). From 2004 - Chairman of the Management Board (Chief Technology Architect), INFORMAP GROUP. In 2009, David Khidasheli joined Sistema JSFC as Executive Vice President. He also served as a Vice President at Sistema JSFC from 2012 until September 30, 2014.

Mr. Anastasios Dimopoulos
Vice President of the Board

 Mr. Anastasios Dimopoulos photo

Mr. Dimopoulos holds a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and a M.Sc. Degree in Telematics from the University of Essex, England. Mr. Dimopoulos joined INTRACOM in 1987 as an Engineer in Research & Development. He has served as a Project Manager in a number of R&D projects, as Telecommunications Strategy Manager since 1992, and as Deputy General Manager of the Commercial Division since 1999. Mr. Dimopoulos was appointed General Manager of the Telecommunication Products & Networks Division in January 2002 and General Manager of the Access, Transmission and Terminals Business Unit in March 2004. Mr. Dimopoulos served as Advisor to the CEO from January 2005 to December 2005. From January 2006 to the end of 2009, he was General Manager of the Network Integration & Professional Services Division of INTRACOM TELECOM. Mr. Dimopoulos is now the General Manager of the Telco Software Business Division.

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed
Managing Director (CEO)

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed photo

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed is an entrepreneur with extensive international trade experience and business interests covering different segments. He is the founder and Chairman of GMT Finance-Geneva, Switzerland.

Mr. Ahmed is a founding member of the "World Agency of Planetary Monitoring and Earthquake Reduction" in Geneva, Switzerland, and a Member of GFTA Middle East Advisory Council. In 2000 he actively participated with the Russian leading institute "OKB" in enrolment the first ever Electro Optics lab for Payload spatial data in Middle East, in NARSS (National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences), Egypt. In 2002 he was appointed Area Manager of GCC and Middle East Operations with Informap Group S.A, Geneva. He moved to Dubai in 2006, as a Deputy General Director of Informap Production LLC, UAE, where he was in charge of development and marketing of Location Based Systems (LBS) and digital mapping as well as dealing with ministries, various governmental agencies and multinational entities.

In 2005 he founded Global Saver Ltd, a Loyalty program in UAE, co-founder of Adland LLC for advertising and marketing, Dubai, UAE. In 2009 he founded Swiss GemCo. S.A Geneva, Switzerland. From 1982 until 1991 he worked at the Commercial & Legalization Department of the Mission of Qatar to the United Nations European Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, where he enlarged his international network in trade and business.

Mr. Ahmed has graduated from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt and has a University Degree in Accountancy and Business Administration. In 1981 he studied Social and Economic Science in Geneva University, Switzerland and had Courses in Strategic Planning and International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).

Mr. Nikolaos Velentzas

Mr. Kartlos Edilashvili

Mr. Velentzas holds a B.Sc Honors Degree in Information Technology & Communication Engineering from Greenwich University, England. He joined Vodafone in 1992 as an Engineer in Operations Dpt., involved in the first mobile network launching in Greece. From 1998 until 2001 he served as Operations Director in Egypt, Kenya and Albania being responsible for the successful launching of the mobile networks in the respective countries. At Vodafone he held various managerial positions and he was assigned Senior Operations Director until 2008.That year he joined Siemens in Greece as Operations Director and Deputy CEO. In 2012 he joined TBSP Engineering as Operations and Commercial Director. In 2014 he joined Intracom Telecom and was appointed Director of the Public and Private Partnerships Program of Services Business Division. Since January 2016, Mr. Velentzas also serves as the Deputy General Manager of the Services Business Division.

Mr. Kartlos Edilashvili

Mr. Kartlos Edilashvili

Mr. Kartlos Edilashvili has been the Chief Financial Officer and Secretary of Calypte Biomedical Corporation since April 24, 2012. He has been a Director of Calypte Biomedical Corporation since February 4, 2010. Mr. Edilashvili served as Vice President at Geneva Branch Office of Calypte Biomedical Corp. since October 2007. Before that Mr. Edilashvili worked in WAPMERR, where he served as a Senior Technical Adviser from 2005 to 2007. Previously, he served as the First Secretary for the Permanent Mission of Georgia to the U.N. Office and other International organizations at Geneva. 1997-2000. He worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on various diplomatic positions. He graduated from the Tbilisi State University in Georgia in 1996.