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INTRACOM TELECOM derives from the former "INTRACOM S.A. HELLENIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY", established in 1977. In December 2005 INTRACOM S.A. was transformed to a holding company and three new subsidiaries were established. The telecommunications solutions sector becomes a company under the title INTRACOM TELECOM


INTRACOM, starting its operations in a small building in Argiroupoli, a suburb of Athens, designs and develops products and systems for specialised telecommunications applications.


INTRACOM transfers its head offices to Peania, a town near Athens, strategically investing in the development of a high-tech infrastructure for the research, development, and manufacturing of state-of-the-art telecommunications products. At the same time, it intensifies its efforts to participate in the digitalisation of Greece's national telecommunications network.

INTRACOM TELECOM old facilites

INTRACOM qualifies to participate in the upgrading of Greece's national telecommunications network, immediately after the government's decision that Greece will adopt two types of digital network switching technology. For this purpose, INTRACOM collaborates with Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications manufacturer. Most of the deployed systems are developed and manufactured in Greece by Greek engineers.


The company evolves into a large industrial unit capable of mass production, and its research activities are focused in advanced telecommunications and information technology fields.


INTRACOM becomes the largest Greek telecommunications and information systems provider.INTRACOM signs significant agreements in Greece in the telecommunications sector and prepares the ground for its expansion into the international market.

  • During 1997-2001, INTRACOM further strengthens its international presence and develops into a Group of Companies, expanding its activities to a broader geographic region. In 1999, INTRACOM is ranked 70th among the 200 fastest growing companies from 25 countries, in terms of average growth rate over the previous five-year period.
  • INTRACOM becomes Greece's primary business partner in the modernisation, upgrading, and expansion process of the national telecommunications network. INTRACOM successfully extends its activities to include high-tech defence electronic systems production.
  • Since 2000 INTRACOM is the leading information technology service provider in Greece.

INTRACOM undergoes major organisational restructuring and initiates a new development and business strategy. The company refocuses on the provision of integrated solutions and services in the broader geographic regions of Central and Southeast Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, which together constitute one of the fastest growing emerging markets worldwide. INTRACOM addresses customers in the fields of telecommunications, government, banking and enterprise, and defence.


INTRACOM, aligned with its new strategy to develop a more flexible and effective organisational structure, transforms to a holdings company (under the title "INTRACOM HOLDINGS") by establishing three new subsidiaries under its control. The telecommunications solutions sector becomes a company under the title INTRACOM TELECOM

In June 2006, JSC SITRONICS, the technology arm of JSFC SISTEMA, acquires a 51% stake in INTRACOM TELECOM.


In April 2012, JSC SITRONICS transfers to RYDRA TRADING COMPANY 3% of INTRACOM TELECOM shares, so that the percentage of JSC SITRONICS in INTRACOM TELECOM becomes 48%.

In September 2014, RYDRA TRADING COMPANY transfers 3% of INTRACOM TELECOM shares to KENNEDEV LIMITED. In December 2014 JSC SITRONICS and INTRACOM HOLDINGS transfer 48% and 49% of INTRACOM TELECOM shares respectively, to INTRACOM MIDDLE EAST FZE.

In January 2015 KENNEDEV LIMITED transfers 3% of INTRACOM TELECOM shares to INTRACOM MIDDLE EAST FZE, which becomes the sole shareholder of INTRACOM TELECOM.

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